Annemarie Hühne-Ramm to lead Finkelstein Foundation

Annemarie Hühne-Ramm will take over as managing director of the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation on November 1, 2023. Annemarie previously led various teams at the German Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) for seven years.

Annemarie Hühne-Ramm

Annemarie Hühne Ramm © Bayer AG

Most recently, Annemarie was responsible for the EVZ's Education and History Department since 2017. As a historian, she has experience in the field of Holocaust remembrance and education. She received her master's degree in Public History from the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany. Prior to joining the EVZ, she worked as an education officer and project manager at the Anne Frank Zentrum e.V.

"In Germany and around the world, we are witnessing increasingly strong anti-democratic tendencies, which indicate that we have not yet learned enough from the era of National Socialism. Together with Bayer AG and the Finkelstein Foundation, I am proud to take the company's moral and historical responsibility seriously, to keep the memory of Nazi forced laborers alive and to strengthen democratic civil society.”

About the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation

Bayer announced the establishment of the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation in April 2023. It aims to sharpen the culture of remembrance within the company and supports independent research projects in cooperation with universities and institutes - especially on the subject of forced labor at I.G. Farben and the role of companies during and after the National Socialist era. It also develops educational and awareness programs for young leaders and drives projects for democratic dialogue. Its goal is to strengthen resilience against intolerance, totalitarianism, and hatred - today and in the future.


Bayer has taken important steps in recent months to do more to come to terms with the history of I.G. Farben. In addition to the newly established foundation, a memorial was inaugurated in Leverkusen in May to commemorate the 16,000 forced laborers at the Lower Rhine sites.