Original picture from the Bayer archives of Dr Hans Finkelstein conversing with colleagues in a laboratory at the Uerdingen site of I.G. Farben, recorded in 1932.

Funding Guidelines

How we decide on funding proposals

The Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation funds projects in pursuit of two complementary goals. First, it promotes projects on remembrance and scientific reappraisal of the injustices committed during the time of national socialist crimes, especially in relation to I.G. Farben and the deployment of forced laborers. Second, looking to the future, it promotes the understanding of democracy, especially among young leaders. The Foundation organizes events for corporate exchange, fosters remembrance culture, develops programs for responsible leadership and promotes dialogue-oriented projects.

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The Hans und Berthold Finkelstein Stiftung gGmbH finances projects that pursue two complementary goals. On the one hand, it supports projects on the culture of remembrance and the scientific reassessment of the injustices committed during the period of National Socialist crimes. The focus here is on I.G. Farben and the use of forced laborers. With a view to the future, the foundation also promotes the discussion and shaping of democratic action, especially among young managers. 

It organizes events for entrepreneurial exchange, promotes the shaping of a culture of remembrance, develops programs for responsible leadership and promotes projects for democratic dialogue.

The Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation supports projects that fall into at least one of the three areas of remembrance, research and resilience.


On the basis of these principles, we support


  • Scientific and research projects to expand and disseminate knowledge about Nazi forced labor, particularly at I.G. Farben

  • Training programs for young managers and other employees on the topics of historical responsibility and democratic action

  • Initiatives for shaping cultures of remembrance that show how companies can come to terms with their past during the Nazi regime and commemorate the victims 

  • Projects that promote democratic dialog and keep the memory of Nazi forced labour alive


Who can apply for funding?


The Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation supports individuals, non-governmental organizations and companies that are recognized as non-profit organizations under public law.

What we do not support


Please understand that

  • in the interest of transparency and outreach, we do not sponsor individual initiatives or events.
  • we do not sponsor outside the three areas remembrance, research and resilience.