Original picture from the Bayer archives of Dr Hans Finkelstein conversing with colleagues in a laboratory at the Uerdingen site of I.G. Farben, recorded in 1932.

The Finkelstein Legacy

Two fates connected to I.G. Farben

In the history of the Finkelsteins, we look at Dr. Hans Finkelstein and his son Berthold, who both had connections to I.G. Farben and are representative of the fate of Jewish people at I.G. Farben during National Socialism and the Second World War. Their stories came to light during research activities in the Bayer archives. We know that many more stories like these have remained and will perhaps remain hidden. We can only tell them through extensive and systematic research and a targeted examination of the past. The research is still ongoing and we continue to support it. 

By telling stories like these of Hans and Berthold Finkelstein, we are helping to keep their memory alive. We want to ensure that neither their fate nor that of other victims is ever forgotten.




Dr. Hans Finkelstein

Portrait of Dr. Hans Finkelstein. Picture: Courtesy of his family

Johannes Finkelstein

Johannes Finkelstein © Marcus Mueller-Saran

“The Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation is promoting tolerance and reconciliation just as my father did. I view my own personal involvement as a way of carrying forward my father’s legacy. That gives me a real connection to his life.”

Johannes Finkelstein – son of Berthold Finkelstein and grandson of Hans Finkelstein, member of the Foundation’s advisory council.