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Why reflection on history is essential to build a better future

Bayer AG is committed to freedom and diversity of opinion and wants to make a contribution to the fight against anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination of any kind. For this reason, the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation was established. The aim is to honor the history of the Finkelsteins, to remember the past and to reflect on the deeds of I.G. Farben during National Socialism. The memory of Hans and Berthold Finkelstein guides our examination of history and the measures derived from it. Despite extensive support for research into the past and the creation of a culture of remembrance by initiatives in Germany and beyond, there is still a gap in the reappraisal of the role of I.G. Farben and other industrial profiteers of Nazi forced labor.


On behalf of Bayer, the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation therefore promotes independent research into the injustices committed under National Socialism, particularly on the subject of forced labor at I.G. Farben. It supports cultural remembrance projects, organizes events, develops programs for responsible leadership in companies and promotes dialogue-oriented projects.


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Dealing with the legacy of I.G. Farben, shaping contemporary remembrance and making the stories of victims and perpetrators visible, in particular with regard to Nazi forced labor.


Strengthening resilience to anti-Semitism, racism, all forms of hatred, totalitarianism and (digital) violence - in the present and in the future.


Helping to close gaps in research into the role of companies during the National Socialist regime and making the findings accessible to the public.

In the past, we have seen that in times of fundamental change, people are particularly supportive of authoritarian systems. The Second World War showed how easily and persistently values and principles can be bent. Yet, societal developments are always the result of active and individual decision-making. We believe in the power of knowledge and education which we aim to further strengthen through the activities of the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation. We must look back on our past to properly understand our present and future.