Young companions for Holocaust survivors in Israel

One year after its establishment, Bayer’s Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation announces its first international sponsorship. The aid project "Choosing Tomorrow - La'ad" brings six committed students together with Holocaust survivors over a period of three years.

Israel student talks to one of the survivors, who participates in the project

Israel student talks to one of the survivors, who participates in the project © Keren Hayesod

Together, they hold conversations and share individual everyday activities such as running errands. In addition to personal support, the participants receive monthly financial assistance for food or medication. In this way, the project aims to combat the widespread poverty of the elderly participants in Israel, provide them with emotional support and promote their social integration.


By curating and documenting their individual stories, the students also ensure that the survivors' life stories are preserved. They will be forwarded to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, where the transcripts will be stored, cataloged, and digitized.


From 2017 on, the aim of the project "Choosing Tomorrow – La’ad", launched by the Israeli organisation Keren Hayesod,  is to tackle loneliness of elderly Holocaust survivors and to keep their personal stories. “The project addresses the urgent need of accompaniment for Israeli women and men,” explains Rafi Heumann, who represents the non-profit Organisation in Germany. “At the same time it creates a cross-generational sense of community around such topics like remembrance, sense of belonging and social equality. We are glad, that we gained the Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation as a strong supporter for this important initiative.”


“We come to the point where many contemporary witnesses pass away. At any moment it can be too late to preserve their life stories and to obtain insights for the future. The technical solutions help us to conserve it, but the sharing of authentic experience and emotions in a personal conversation is something irreplaceable. That’s why we decided to support „Choosing Tomorrow – La’ad“ as part of funding for culture of remembrance and promote the project in Germany,” claims Annemarie Huehne-Ramm, managing director of Hans and Berthold Finkelstein Foundation. 


About Keren Hayesod

Keren Hayesod is a registered association in Israel acting worldwide. Since its establishment in 1920, it manages to fundraise for different social projects in Israel. In Germany, Keren Hayesod is listed as a non-profit organization.
More Information about Keren Hayesod and „Choosing Tomorrow La‘ad“: (in German)

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